iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch get mSpot Movies App

mSpot Logo Few days back, we reported about mSpot Radio’s debut on more than 60 Verizon Wireless handsets. Now, here’s some more exciting news from mSpot’s hub. Now, mSpot Movies app comes to spread delight amongst iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. By downloading this app on their Apple devices through the App Store, users can enjoy watching full-length streaming movies. In addition, the company has devised dedicated iPhone and iPad versions.

With this new service, users can commence watching movies on either PC or Mac and continue their activity on another device as well. The full-length streaming movie service will allow users to stream movies across all Apple computing devices without downloading or syncing the movie.

mSpot CEO Daren Tsui, commented, “We now truly live in an ‘entertainment anywhere’ world where consumers often own many devices to watch movies on-the-go, or at home. mSpot Movies allows people to enjoy movies instantly and seamlessly across many consumer electronic devices without the need for cable sync or sideloading.”

Just as users read books and mark the page that they last stopped at, movies can be paused at a point and continued from the same scene with the mSpot Movies app. Users will have to sign up on mspotmovies.com to avail the facility. This will enable them to browse titles from their devices and play and stop them instantaneously.

The company has entered into agreements with Universal Home Entertainment and the Walt Disney Studios, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital distribution. This will make titles such as Alice in Wonderland, The Blind Side and the Princess and the Frog available to users.

The app will function with both Wi-Fi and 3G internet connectivity. It will automatically detect coverage area and modify the video quality to enable enhanced viewing experience. Additionally, mSpot will deliver streaming movie service on the web and mobile web on several U.S. carriers and more than 50 different handsets. These mobile phones include the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and more.

The mSpot Movies app can be downloaded free-of-cost from the App Store. Users can then purchase movies which would cost them approximately $2.99 to $3.99.