New iTunes 10.1 features AirPlay, supports iOS 4.2

Apple Logo The iTunes-Twitter Ping integration seemed to spark up social butterflies with the ‘zealous’ expression. Now, multimedia enthusiasts may be found grinning while reading this piece of news. Apple has just made it to the headlines with its new iTunes 10.1 which extends an enhanced multimedia as well as social networking experience.

The latest update turns to be a double treat for Mac users since this iTunes also supports iOS 4.2. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owners can easily sync their devices with iOS 4.2 computing systems for further convenience. Apple’s support page talks about a multitude of augmentations and performance upgrades in iTunes.

Interestingly, users can also play their favorite videos, an upscale from the earlier audio, from iTunes to the fresh Apple TV. Although, a few scuttlebutts surfacing in the market suggest that the Apple TV hasn’t received the necessary update yet. The AirPlay addition enables users with quick and wireless streaming of movies for a real-life experience.

The fresh iTunes 10.1 for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and Mac operating systems can be downloaded from the Apple website.