Adobe unboxes InDesign CS5 page layout software

Adobe InDesign CS5

Here’s more news from Adobe quarters after the Illustrator CS5 that we reported earlier in the day. The company has taken the covers off the Adobe InDesign CS5 versatile page layout software which equips users to deliver page layouts in print, online and on devices. It will be sold as a standalone software or as part of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium and Standard editions as well as Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection. InDesign CS5 leads a publishing product line that also encompasses Adobe InCopy CS5 and InDesign CS5 Server.

With the advent of tablet devices that are gradually changing the face of magazine, book and newspaper markets, professional designers can take advantage of this application to create content that include interactivity, animation, video and audio. Documents containing MP3 audio files, video, interactivity and animation can be raised onto the Flash platform without requiring designers to work in a timeline or write code. These page layouts can be rendered on wireless gizmos like notebooks or mobile phones. Support for EPUB format allows for delivery of eBooks to eReaders like the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook and Apple iPad among others.

“InDesign is a critical part of print publishing workflows and is already on the front lines as the publishing, media and advertising industries look to target emerging digital platforms,” explained David Burkett, vice president and general manager of Creative Solutions at Adobe. “As the industry looks to build profitable businesses around both print and digital media, we continue to innovate with InDesign, helping customers deliver beautiful, high-impact work that takes advantage of the opportunities offered by new mobile devices.”

Users can create, edit and publish documents faster with tools that offer them simplified object selection and editing, multiple page sizes in a single source file, track text changes in an InDesign document and a Layers panel. All-new production features comprise of Document Installed Fonts, PDF Export in the background and support for Adobe Bridge inside InDesign CS5 via an easy access panel. Designers are given the option of creating and sharing document reviews online from within InDesign CS5, with colleague or client comments being made visible within the context of the InDesign page layout. Adobe CS Review is a component of Adobe CS Live.

Adobe InCopy CS5 software may be described as a professional writing and editing program which seamlessly integrates with InDesign CS5 to extend users a complete solution for collaborative editorial workflow. InDesign CS5 Server is a server version of the InDesign CS5 publishing engine that can be incorporated into customized publishing solutions for automated design and publishing. Its new attributes enable reduction in downtime, shortening of production cycles and automated publishing in more languages.

Adobe InDesign CS5 and Adobe InCopy CS5 are anticipated to start shipping within 30 days for $699 and $249, respectively. They will be available through the Adobe Store, Adobe direct sales and the company’s authorized resellers. Adobe InDesign CS5 Server will be made available to qualified Adobe developer partners in the current month.