Adobe launches Illustrator CS5 vector graphics software

Illustrator CS5 Vectors

Adobe has hit tech world with a whole host of software releases. One among these is the Adobe Illustrator CS5 comprehensive vector graphics software that enables users to produce artwork with refined drawing tools, lifelike brushes and much more. The software will be out as a part of multiple Adobe Creative Suite 5 editions or even as a standalone application.

Creating artwork with strokes has been made easier with the ability to tweak stroke width at any point along a path, place arrow heads directly from the Stroke pane, align dashes to corners and path ends and control over how brushes stretch along a path. There’s the Bristle Brush which allows designers to set bristle attributes like size, length, stiffness, thickness, bristle density, brush shape and paint opacity. Perspective grids can be used to draw shapes and scenes in precise 1-, 2- and 3- point linear perspectives. Users can also dynamically move, scale, duplicate and transform objects such as live text and symbols, in perspective with this application.

“Illustrator is a main-stay across creative disciplines and when coupled with new tools, such as Flash Catalyst, gives graphics professionals and artists a new entry point into interactive design,” averred David Burkett, vice president and general manager of Creative Solutions at Adobe. “Whether you’re creating for print or digital media, Illustrator CS5 strikes the right balance of productivity enhancements and powerful new drawing and paint tools that allow you to deliver striking, high-impact designs.”

Vector objects can be created on the file’s pixel grid for delivering pixel-aligned artwork that keeps raster images looking sharp when designing artwork for the company’s newly launched Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 and Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 with Illustrator. What’s more, Illustrator designs may be opened in Flash Catalyst CS5 and transformed into interactive components without writing code. Round trip editing equips users to perfect artwork within Illustrator while sustaining the structure and interactivity added in Flash Catalyst.

The application allows multiple artboards to be named, organized and viewed easily. Users can join paths with just one keystroke, scale symbols with nine-slice control and combine shapes directly on the artboard. Designers can create and share document reviews over the web from within Illustrator CS5 with Adobe CS Review which is a component of Adobe CS Live. The CS Live online services encompass Adobe Story, Adobe BrowserLab,, Adobe CS Review and SiteCatalyst NetAverages from Omniture.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is expected to start shipping within 30 days. It will be made available through the Adobe Store, Adobe direct sales and Adobe authorized resellers for $599.