Posterous advances with Post Editor 2.0 universal posting tool

Post Editor 2.0

Technology buffs accustomed with Posterous will know of it being a really simple blogging and content posting site. The company seems to have listened to users who kept overhauling of its online post editor up on their wish list. Yes, Posterous rolls out Post Editor 2.0, its upgraded universal posting tool.

The official Posterous blog reveals it to be a simple yet robust post editor that should users literally post any content. This includes any blend of photos, music, video and docs interspersed with text in the desired order. With no limitations restricting users to select if a post is for photos, video or embeds, the tool should up the quotient.

For posting new posts and editing old ones, users can engage in a number of activities. Allowing users to upload any kind of photos, music, videos and documents, multiple files can be selected and pushed up in one batch, minus any additional software. Managing images is also a breeze with editor enabled for image rotation, reordering and deletion.

Image galleries can be combined and ungrouped effortlessly while rich text and media can be posted just the way users may want it. Uploaded content is claimed to be intelligently and automatically combined with the text of blogpost. Besides, its order can also be set as per the user. All they have to do is cut and paste or drag the media to where they want in the document.

Users can create and edit posts without any hassles now. The editor supports all Posterous sites and users and users will be automatically dropped in the next time they edit a post. By clicking Post by Web on the Manage page, users can also post at any time through the web.

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