Opera 10.5x beta for Linux arrives with JavaScript rendering engine

Opera 10.5x

Windows and Mac users got the Opera 10.5x browser with JavaScript rendering engine, minimal interface and the new Vega graphics library not too long ago. Now Linux users can download the Opera 10.5x beta version of this browser from the company’s official website.

The key features of this release include a Carakan JavaScript engine and Vega graphics library that is touted to be much faster than Opera 10.10. Zooming in or out of web pages has been simplified with a zoom slider and view controls that are accessible from the status bar.

The private browsing feature extends tabs as well as windows that eliminate their browsing history. Widgets are capable of working separately from the browser and are now installed as normal applications. Then there’s the reworked KDE and Gnome skinning with matching Open/Save dialogs.

What’s new for this Linux version is the enhanced UI and ‘O’ menu that enables access to features previously available in the menu bar, the last mentioned of which may be easily reinstated. The native libraries ensure that Opera installs without too much trouble.

On the UI front in Opera 10.5x, the panel button is now visible within the status bar with more intuitive labeling. The Password Manager and Fast Forward buttons have now been fused into a single, smart button too.

It’ll be some time until a final version of the Opera 10.5x browser for Linux is out. No definite release date has been mentioned by the developers as yet though we seem to be looking at a June launch.