QNAP pops out QMobile multimedia app for Android based handsets

QNAP QMobile App

This latest creation might prove to be an interactive solution to employ NAS functionalities on Android devices. QNAP has unveiled the QMobile app which will let users view a host of multimedia content through QNAP NAS servers directly on their Android powered devices.

Entertainment enthusiasts may enjoy music, digital images as well as videos stored on servers through their mobile phones when on-the-go. With access to the web, users can avail of virtually any content on the NAS remotely.

“We are pleased to announce QMobile application as the first multimedia app for the connection between NAS and Android devices,” explained James Wu, Product Manager of QNAP. “For now, both iPhone and Android users can have fun with their mobile device and QNAP NAS.”

“Users no longer need to be concerned about synchronizing the multimedia contents to the mobile device. They can save storage space of the mobile device and get a compelling user experience with QMobile,” added Wu.

This Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1 compatible offering requires a QNAP NAS server operating with V3.3.0 management software or later version. The media player solution can be employed with the Apple iPhone as well.

The new V3.3.0 NAS management software update is available through the QNAP’s official website. Pricing details for the all-in-one QMobile multimedia app are yet unknown.