Google Search App released for Windows Phone 7

Google Search App Windows

Google having a pet peeve for ‘don’t know’ appeared quite visible when it unleashed a solution in the form of Google Search. From searching for anything on the Internet to browsing images on the handset, the service has served almost everything on the table. The company has now announced the availability of its app for Window Phone 7, reveals the official Google Mobile blog.

With the feature-rich software, users can conveniently access a rich set of search results, including the web, images, local, news, and more. The initial release of the service comes bulged out with several useful features that enable users to search faster.

Users can now choose to repeat a query from their search history, thereby leaving the app to benefit from their current location in order to provide more relevant results.

Windows Phone 7 possessors can download the Google Search app for free. Users can simply search the Marketplace for ‘Google Search’, download, pin to start, and start enjoying the facilities put forth by it.