now graces the Opera portfolio

FastMail Opera logosOpera Software has endowed its present messaging product portfolio with the renowned Web-based e-mail provider Through the latest offering, users can take advantage of the cross-platform messaging directly from the mobile phone, computer, TV and even gaming consoles.

“The newest generation of Web users will discover the Web through a mobile device. Having world-class messaging capability alongside a rich and compelling Web experience is essential. By combining forces, Opera and can offer messaging on any device. This will enhance the value Opera provides to consumers, while assisting our operator partners in reducing customer churn,” commented Rolf Assev, Chief Strategy Officer, Opera Software.

Customers turn to as it seems to offer reliability and responsiveness. With these elements to its advantage, the new e-mail provider seems to be a formidable inclusion to the extensive Opera portfolio. According to the company, offers some of the most superior Web-based e-mail platforms and is fashioned to suit even small business customers among others. Users enjoy the security, innovation and support for interoperable standards provided by the company.

It is noted that Opera serves the needs of over 55 million users via its Opera Mini mobile Web browser. As the company suggests, the reliable software is compatible with virtually all mobile handsets found in the global markets today.