Google Search results for mobile gets new look

Google Search mobile

Google continuously strives to bring mobile phone users a reliable and consistent feel while they search for their desired results. In the wake of an appearance change made to Google Search on the computer, the Google Search results for mobile has also undergone a makeover and acquired a new look.

According to the official Google Mobile blog, the latest changes can be espied when users search on the official Google website from their iPhone or Android-powered devices. When entering their search, users have to simply hit the button situated on the left of the search box on the results page. Handset wielders will then see a new search options menu popping up from which they can opt for their desired item.

The blog also points out that when the menu is fully displayed, the search results shift to the right-hand side of the screen. In order to interact with them, users can simply just pan to the right. Besides this alteration, the company has also infused additional menu options such as ‘Products’ and ‘News’.

As the Google Mobile blog reveals, the latest look is expected to drop onto more mobile devices as well as different locales in order to extend their overall search options.

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