Foursquare beta version let out for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi


Imagine getting freebies for merely playing a game that requires no excess of exertion apart from informing others about one’s whereabouts via a mobile phone. Previously, only iPhone and Android users had access to Foursquare, while BlackBerry owners could avail of a beta version. Now Downloadsquad reports that a beta version of Foursquare is available for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users too.

The location-centered game calls for users to ‘check-in’ to places or inform other players about their whereabouts through the application and share their personal experiences at these hang-outs. Players are expected to share specific opinions about the service, food or so on at their favorite haunts.

Points are earned by players for discovering a new spot in the neighborhood, making multiple stops at night or taking friends along with them to these hangouts. A player who patronizes select places more than others is awarded a ‘mayor’ title and gets freebies until another ousts them.

The application which is out for iPhone and Android handsets as also as a beta version for BlackBerry, is finally out as a beta version for Palm Pre and Pixi owners. This application can currently be downloaded from the webOS App Catalogue.