adidas miCoach app modifies smartphones into personal gym trainers

adidas miCoach With the accelerating pace of life, many are left with little or no time to include a gym visit in their schedule. Now, those who have been complaining over these issues can turn their smartphones into a personal gym trainer. adidas miCoach has now introduced the miCoach app which incorporates sports-specific training programs. The personal and real-time audible training system has been crafted to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts, sports coaches, amateurs and professionals.

Whether one flaunts an Apple device or a BlackBerry handset, this new app not only stretches its personal coaching program but also ushers in with six specific conditioning programs. The new fitness regimes cover programs for basketball, football, running, soccer, tennis and a supplementary one for staying fit.

“The introduction of the miCoach app and sports-specific training plans was the natural next step to bring miCoach to an even wider audience. At adidas we work with the world’s best coaches and athletes and we wanted to share this knowledge and experience with our consumers to inspire and to help them reach their personal goals. Our service approach is unique and sets new standards in terms of personalization in the entire sporting goods industry,” explained Bernd Wahler, Chief Marketing Officer of adidas Sport Performance.

The GPS feature of the app enables easy tracking of real-time pace-based coaching and location. Transforming users’ smartphones into a personal coach, the app would provide pace-triggered audio instructions, draw customized as well as sports-specific training plans, prepare workout calendar and offer feedback.

It is said to instantly sync with the official website to deliver six documented training plans for individual sport and personalized conditioning programs. The website makes custom programs available according to differing fitness levels and goals, facilitating users to observe, manage and analyze progress over a period of time.

“Coaching is essential to improving as an athlete – no matter what your sport. Whatever your goal is, a coach can help you improve. miCoach has a plan designed specifically to make you faster in football. You don’t get faster by just running long distances, or running sprints, it takes interval training specifically designed to optimise football performance and miCoach provides a pretty cool plan to make you a better you,” commented Reggie Bush.

Available in multiple languages, the app proffers shoe tracking and alerts to advance best facilities. It also comes handy for users to avoid injury. If the consumer wishes to conduct indoor workouts, the offering from adidas extends the indoor coaching only mode. The other features imbued in the app include adidas miCoach Pacer, Zone, Heart Rate Monitor and Stride Sensor.

The small and agile adidas miCoach Pacer has been embedded to present real-time audible coaching. Fitness enthusiasts can listen to instructions via headphones or integrate this device with their MP3 players or smartphones. It trains users orally, ensuring that users stay within the targeted heart rate zone. The device also allows them to run at the right personal level which will be determined by the interaction between Heart Rate Monitor and Stride Sensor.

The miCoach Zone presents easy-to-read color-code display which ensures accurate, real-time coaching when on the wrist. The Heart Rate Monitor will extend accurate feedback about the user’s performance while the Stride Sensor can be clipped directly to shoe laces or within adidas adiStar and Supernova shoe models. It displays information about the unique stride rate, distance and pace which will be infuse the data to the Pacer device.

The company claims that the app has been designed in conjunction with some of the finest coaches, athletes and teams such as athletic trainer Mark Verstegen and athletes Reggie Bush and Jessica Ennis. It is also said that adidas has worked closely with the Spanish National Soccer Team, FC Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

The app was released yesterday and can now be downloaded from the iTunes Store and BlackBerry App World. adidas has not yet disclosed the pricing details of the app.