Over 80 Dell systems optimized for Windows 7

Dell Windows7 Logos

The long-anticipated launch of Windows 7 was finally over last week. Dell is among the first of many technology companies to announce optimization of their desktop, laptop and workstation systems with the new Windows 7 OS. The company has on offer over 80 PCs that come with Microsoft’s latest OS for commercial, home entertainment and gaming requirements.

Dell Precision T700, Inspiron Mini 10 notebooks, Vostro 430 and 1220, Alienware Area-51, Latitude Z and XT2 are some of the systems that boast of Windows 7 compatibility. Users can now look forward to quick boot speeds, advanced search, easy navigation and more. SOHOs and SMBs can connect and share over the network using Home Group that offers file and print sharing options with the Windows 7 enabled PCs. Business data can be accessed without the virtual private network software in a convenient and user-friendly manner.

“With Windows 7, Dell will deliver a great experience for our laptop and desktop customers. The new operating system will help accelerate a whole new market for touch enabled PCs, dramatically improve laptop computing, and make gaming better than ever,” declaimed Alex Gruzen, senior VP of Dell consumer products. “The unprecedented level of collaboration between Dell and Microsoft in recent years ensures Windows 7 performs smoothly across our entire product line. From Inspiron to Alienware, people will be delighted with their Dell systems designed with Windows 7.”

The Windows OS compatible PCs boast of additional features that include the USB drive encrypting function and icon-free Help. The encrypting program limits the number of applications that can be installed on a PC. The latter property provides Jump Lists and Pinned Applications shortcuts for a clutter-free desktop view. Dell’s proprietary Dock system provides for expanded file access with the intelligent UI. The company’s Windows 7 enabled products come pre-installed with Windows Live Essentials for convenient web chatting, photo sharing, blogging and more.

“The close collaboration between Dell and Microsoft on Windows 7 has resulted in an innovative new wave of Dell PCs and services,” commented Tami Reller, corporate VP and chief financial officer of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft. “Customers will benefit from a richer computing experience at work, at home and in between.”

Studio One 19, Studio XPS 16 and 13, as well as Alienware Area-51 come under Dell’s Windows 7 optimized products that are gaming and entertainment-centered. The 12.1 inch Latitude XT2 and 16 inch Latitude Z with the EdgeTouch LCD sensor are designed keeping SOHOs and SMBs in mind. These commercial laptops provide for security, IT control and end-user productivity with their Windows 7 operability. Another line of Dell systems that is focused on small business needs for easily-maintainable and expandable systems include the Vostro 430 mini-tower PC and 12.1 inch Vostro 1220 laptops powered by Windows 7.

Dell also took the covers of consulting, management and support services to help companies plan efficient Windows 7 upgrades.