Dolphin browser lends Droid Android phone multitouch support

Dolphin Browser

Any phone user who relies on his handset for all-round connectivity will nod his head in approval of better mobile web browsers. Websites that are designed for PCs and not optimized for phones can be quite cumbersome to navigate through with the latter device. As an alternative to the integrated Android browser, Droid users may now opt for the Dolphin browser which has added multitouch support for this Android handset.

The browser has been touted as social, smart and fast on It’s not that the Droid is incapable of applying mutlitouch in other apps, but Dolphin could deliver a better option as compared to the regular offerings. Zooming in and out of websites may just be a lot smoother with this browser.

With Dolphin, links can be shared instantaneously on social networking sites or saved for future perusal. It renders tabs view, smart address bar, all-in-one one start page, multitouch pinch zooming, RSS detection and subscription, syncing with Google bookmarks and so on.

Droid users can fish out the Dolphin browser with multitouch support from the Android Market.