Sun Microsystem launches updated new StarOffice 9 with Mac support

StarOffice 9

Sun Microsystems has announced the latest edition of Star office application – the StarOffice 9 and also an updated StarSuite 9. This comes with newly added feature of support for Mac.

The updates include improvements made to the word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, database and drawing software.

Being essentially a business solution with Mozilla Thunderbird email client and Lightning extension for calendaring, the suite also comes with new added extensions for editing PDF files, creating reports, blogging, and publishing wikis. The new features include multiple page editing in Writer, an optimization Solver tool and 1024 columns in Calc, native table support in Impress, and effective handling of poster-size graphics in Draw.

“With every release, StarOffice becomes a more powerful, effective productivity tool. The latest, StarOffice 9, is especially notable for how well it deals with various file formats,” said Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT Adviser at Illuminata. “In addition to its native ISO-standard Open Document Format, it has strong support for Microsoft Office — both legacy and new OOXML files — and for PDF, which can now be imported and edited.”

With the latest release the software also boats of fresh new look and new start center, new icons and an array of helpful improvements.

The StarOffice 9 and StarSuite 9 suites are available for download from the official site for a price of $34.95. Also, the volume pricing for enterprise has been set at $25 as starting price per user and can be purchased form SUN and its authorized resellers.