Aladdin Multimedia releases e-PDF Professional Software for PDF Documents, in India

e-PDF Software logo
Aladdin Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., a computer software distributor in the Indian market, has introduced Canada-based software maker e-press corps’ e-PDF Professional software which creates, edits and reviews to prepare and share pdf documents.

E-PDF Professional has the ability to convert a file to PDF format, mark up, add drawing, review and exchange PDF documents from any file format. It moves and resizes images, edits text, deletes unnecessary elements, adds additional images and reorganizes the arrangement of objects in the document.

The software incorporates essential drawing functions for adding in boxes, ovals, lines, and other shapes to a PDF. A user can attain complete control over the appearance and feel of the documents. In addition, PDF bookmarks and hyperlinks can be added to the document with much of the functionality of a standard word processor, including multiple fonts, font sizes, font colors, background colors, different kerning, inserting images like bitmaps, jpegs, gifs, and pngs as well as tables, graphs, and OLE objects.

The e-PDF Professional software is available in India at Rs.495, at all leading IT stores and retail stores across the country.