Truphone transforms iPod Touch into mobile phone!

Truphone on iPod Have you ever wished that your iPod Touch could double up as an iPhone? Well, then your wish is granted by ‘Truphone for iPod Touch’, the “free software”.

This software enables the iPod Touch to make calls and receive calls without a SIM! And no SIM means no money for calling or receiving calls and no contracts with any network operators!

Plus, you iPod will also be capable of carrying out free instant messaging to Skype and MSN, call Skype users for free, call MSN users for free, check and set facilities for Twitter and Facebook for free!

So all that the iPod Touch owners have to do is – install the application by downloading it from Apple’s App Store, couple it with a microphone adaptor or Truphone microphone adaptor that will be made available soon and make free calls anywhere in the world! Calls can be made to other iPod touch owners, to customers of Truphone’s Internet telephony service, and to users of the Google Talk instant messaging service.

The microphone adaptor accessory is already available at the Apple Store.

If you are asking how does this software work? Then the answer is – it uses the iPod Touch’s Wi-Fi connection to carry call over the Internet to the destination; sans monthly rentals or subscriptions or hidden charges.