Apple iTunes Mini-Review – Fast Transfers with Style and Charisma

iTunes 8

Those of you owning an iPod or iPhone sure must have tried their hands on the iTunes application for the music transfers. Yes! Like you all, even we got our hands on the iTunes and thought it could be worthwhile to review it and take a look at it from a technical aspect. So here’s presenting a review of the iTunes 8 (Software Version 1.1.8 ) application.

Apple has been known to provide crisp products that boast in pride about their stylish and chic looks. Now here we are speaking of a software application, yet the company manages to present their style and charm through the software platform. Starting off with the review, the application is surely easy to install but one might need a tutorial on how to use it.

Just connect your iPod to the computer and the iTunes application will start off automatically on the computer. Import music on to the music libraries and synchronizing becomes an easier task with a click of a button. Segregate the files on the basis of music, videos, TV Shows and Podcasts.

As far as usability is concerned, drag and drop functions can surely help. The access to the iTunes store is again one good source of entertainment, one can download songs, games, podcasts and a lot more. This is surely one application that transfers data on an efficient, quick and in a trendy manner.

Speaking of downsides of this application, it can sure get cumbersome to import files such as video/movie files. The Application once connected to a computer and once transfers are done to the iPod/iPhone, the user has to continue using the same desktop where he/she has installed iTunes on. If a user tries to transfer files from iTunes stored in a different desktop, the user will loose all the files saved on the iPod/iPhone. Now that’s surely one drawback none of us would like. The software application is definitely not suited for the ones new to technology topics.

In totality, the application surely is a well-organized, smart and smooth operating transfer system. It can not only help one transfer data but also download or purchase data off the internet through the iTunes store which stores a vast chunk of files pertaining to various genres and topics.