Microsoft to Sell Software via the Internet and Phone in Most Indian Cities

Microsoft Original Software logoToday, Microsoft Corp. India announced that consumers and small businesses can now order original software either over the telephone or via the Internet. Microsoft has also announced the launch of a revamped original Microsoft software web site.

The easy availability of Microsoft’s software has been made possible through partnerships with and Redington, and is obviously aimed at making the software giant’s products easily available across 1068 Indian cities. This initiative on the part of Microsoft is mainly to provide customers with easy access to original software, and also to help businesses as well as individuals to effectively deal with piracy issues. This channel with complement Microsoft’s existing distribution network that spans 30 cities in India.

The newly launched original Microsoft software website is a part of Microsoft’s Genuine Software Initiative. This website provides users with information on the benefits of original software and also doubles as a one-stop shop for home-users and businesses who wish to buy software. The website informs users right from providing information on how they can differentiate original software from pirated, to giving multiple purchase options.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Brian Campbell, Director – Genuine Software Initiative, Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. said, “One of the biggest blocks to using original software is lack of access, especially in a country like India with its geographical spread. The launch of this initiative, will not only provide customers with much needed access to original software, but as a filter down effect, it will also cause customers to ask for, and sellers to be more likely to provide, original Microsoft software. The purchase and use of original software will allow our users to be protected from the potential threats such as malware, which arise from the use of pirated software.”

Microsoft basically wants to educate consumers about the value of original software, and also wishes to provide them with new channels to access it. Noted below are two options for customers who wish to purchase original Microsoft software:

  • Buy Online – Customers can order retail packs of original Microsoft software from the e-shop that can be accessed at Customers can pay by credit card, cheque, draft or wallet365. Moreover, customers buying through a credit card can pay in three months equated installments, with no interest.
  • Dial-A-Software – Customers can call-in at and get Retail Packs of original Microsoft software delivered to their home / office. This facility is currently available in eight cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Microsoft has plans to extend this to more cities in the next few months.
  • In fact, by using original Microsoft software, users will be confident of access to the latest features, security, and support. This will help them to improve their productivity and expand the capabilities of their PCs. Besides, they will also be able to avail of offering that are available only to original Microsoft software customers.

    Talking about the initiative, Mr. Gautam Hukku, General Manager, Redington said, “Innumerable consumers and businesses are hurt by counterfeit software that they have acquired unwittingly, and many companies that license legitimate software have difficulty competing with artificially low prices offered by software pirates. By partnering with Microsoft in this initiative, we hope to assist in breaking the nexus of pirates and counterfeiters which is damaging to organizations as well as individuals”.

    Commenting on the online availability of original software, Mr. Sharat Dhall, Vice President (Ecommerce), Times Internet Ltd. said, “The Web has emerged as a powerful medium today, and we are seeing it being used increasingly by homes and businesses alike. Making original software available online provides a tremendous fillip to users’ ability to access the product by expanding the reach to over 1000 towns, and this increased access will definitely reduce piracy levels in India.”