Google Docs adds Web-based Presentation Feature

Google Docs Logo Google has now gone ahead and introduced a new feature to its Google Docs online application. Called ‘Presentations’, this feature provides users with a presentation tool on the Google Docs online suite.

Users will be able to create online presentations which contain a series of slides and a mixture of text and graphics on each.

Google Docs already has a word processor application and a spreadsheet tool. Now, with this addition of the presentation tool, professionals, business users and others will have a complete toolkit.

Google’s Presentation allows you to create simple Web-based presentations that others can update and view from their own computers, even at the same time.

According to Sam Schillace, director, engineering, Google Docs, “Putting documents in the cloud surrounded by easy-to-use features for collaboration and sharing can save people hours of inefficiency and frustration and even enable new ways of working together.”

“From student groups to sales teams, people are turning to the Web for help improving both personal and group productivity,” he added.

As of now, not so many rich features can be seen in Google’s Presentation application. But, in time Google will add more features to this new service.

Google’s Presentation feature in Google Docs is aimed at businesses, schools and organizations using Google Apps. The company provides a free edition for regular users and sells packages to companies for $50 a year per user.