Only Two Patches in the Upcoming Microsoft Patch Tuesday Release

Patch Tuesday logo The forthcoming Patch Tuesday, scheduled for 13th November will include only two security bulletins, announced Microsoft.

Amongst the two bulletins issued by Microsoft as a part of its monthly patch release, one has been giving a “critical” rating and claims to affect Windows Server 2003 and XP. The fact that it has been given a “critical” rating is reflective of the fact that attackers can exploit the flaw to take control of a system without user interaction.

On the other hand, the second flaw has been described as a spoofing vulnerability that could make it possible for an attacker to change the address bar in Internet Explorer to hide the fact that the user is visiting a phishing website.

Rated “important”, the second vulnerability affects only Windows Server 2003 systems.

Apart from the abovementioned patches, Microsoft will release three non-security, high-priority updates on Microsoft Update and Windows Server Update Services.