Symantec releases Next-gen Security 2.0 Software in India

Symantec logo Symantec today announced in India, its vision of protecting customers from the next generation of threats that are targeting their information and interactions. Symantec’s Security 2.0 brings together an ecosystem of products, services, and partnerships to help customers remain confident in today’s connected world.

Basically, Symantec 2.0 broadens the company’s focus to deliver next-generation security solutions that address the dynamic nature of business, the increase in real-time collaboration and online interactions, and the need for faster access to information.

Speaking on the occasion of the India leg of the Security 2.0 launch, Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer, Symantec Corporation said “Today’s threats are no longer just to the device – they are now focused on the information and the interactions themselves. Protecting customers’ information and interactions in this environment requires more sophisticated security processes and technologies. In such a landscape ‘confidence’ is the critical component to making the connected world exciting for consumers and enterprises. Symantec’s mission is to deliver solutions that protect customers’ connected experiences and increase their confidence in the connected world.”

For consumers, Symantec is building solutions based on the fundamental tenets of identity and reputation, which are critical to furthering confidence and trust online. Norton Confidential provides Web browsing protection and confidential information management and protection. It also provides crimeware protection and anti-phishing protection via Web site authentication to help customers safely conduct online transactions. Symantec is pursuing new distribution models to enable organizations such as banks and online retailers to deliver protection directly to their customers.

The dynamic nature of today’s enterprise environments requires organizations to protect against risks such as data leakage or internal fraud associated with their information, including files, e-mail, instant messaging and enterprise data.

For enterprises, Symantec is helping organizations manage new types of security and compliance risks, enabling them to pursue the business advantages of increased information access for customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

To help customers reduce information risks Symantec is delivering multi-layer data leakage protection and application-specific solutions for enterprise databases, e-mail, and Web applications.

Protecting customers’ information and interactions requires an ecosystem of solutions, services, and partnerships. In support of its vision, Symantec is announcing new products and partnerships including:

  • Norton Confidential Online Edition – This online transaction security solution allows financial institutions to help their customers bank online with confidence. The solution is based in part on the technology in Symantec’s recently announced Norton Confidential product and is being delivered via new bank-to-consumer and retailer-to-consumer distribution channels.
  • VeriSign and Identity Protection – Symantec and VeriSign have announced plans to deliver security solutions to combat the growing threat of consumer identity theft and fraud on the Internet. Symantec plans to offer support for the VeriSign® Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service. In addition, the two companies intend to jointly market combined identity and security solutions to financial institutions, online retailers, and end users.
  • Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series – This represents the next-generation mail security solution that reduces risks to information flowing in and out of the enterprise via e-mail. New integrated content filtering helps organizations protect against data leakage while ensuring compliance with external regulations and internal corporate policies related to e-mail content.