Data Loss Prevention Host solution for Businesses unveiled by McAfee

McAfee Data Loss Prevention Hosts Boxshot and McAfee Logo McAfee Inc., the leading dedicated security technology company in the world, has just announced the release of McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Host, which is a solution that prevents the loss of confidential data through malicious and unintentional means. McAfee’s new offering offers organizations full control as well as visibility to data leaving endpoints via e-mail, instant messaging, printed documents, USB drives, CD-ROMs etc.

According to McAfee, recent data losses have translated directly into lost revenues, reduced stock price and market capitalization, tarnished brand reputation and reduced consumer confidence. For example, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, more than 100 million data records of U.S. residents have been exposed due to security breaches since February 2005.

In fact, McAfee research has indicated that despites clear corporate policies, data loss through e-mail, print and portable devices remains a huge problem. Thus, the security technology company has offered the Data Loss Prevention solution as part of a more comprehensive, integrated security risk management portfolio.

According to Vimal Solanki, senior director of product marketing at McAfee, “Information is the life blood of every business. Financial documents, customer data, source code, and intellectual property are potentially just a few mouse-clicks away from being distributed to unauthorized recipients, exposing the organization to the risks of data loss. McAfee Data Loss Prevention Host allows organizations to gain full control and retain absolute visibility of the data leaving the organization.”

The McAfee Data Loss Prevention Host solution has features such as content and context-aware protection to block sensitive data transfer even if the data is manipulated, copied, pasted, compressed, or encrypted. It also provides universal protection by preventing data loss at work, as well as “protection on-the-go” for remote users at home or on-the-move by enforcing data protection policies even when laptops are disconnected form the corporate network.

Basically, McAfee DLP Hosts is made up of agent software and a logging and management server. From this server, security administrators use centrally-managed policies to the endpoints, monitor real-time events and generate reports. With McAfee DLP Host, end points are monitored, and data usage and transfer is restricted based upon established policies. The result is a very cost-effective and flexible solution that has the capacity to offer innovative yet effective means for preventing confidential data loss.

“Data loss prevention is a top priority for Partner,” said Micky Belhassen, Information Security Manager of Partner Communications Company Ltd., operating the Orange network in Israel. “Our purpose is to protect company information assets from as many directions as possible. McAfee DLP Host technology was superior to all the alternatives we examined, such as gateway-only solutions that do not protect from client based leakage like offline work using laptops or data loss to removable storage devices. We look forward to McAfee’s DLP solution being integrated into McAfee’s Security Risk Management approach.”