Wily Manager for CA’s SiteMinder Web Access Manager now available

CA and Wily Technology Logos CA, one of the world’s largest IT management software companies has just announced the availability of Wily Manager for SiteMinder Web Access Manager, an extension of Wily Introscope. This new product extends Wily Introscope visibility into CA SiteMinder, an identity and access management product that protects critical IT systems and services with user authentication and access control.

The new Wily Manager for SiteMinder provides real-time visibility into the performance of the SiteMinder Web server agents, application server agents, and CA TransactionMinder agents.

Thus Wily Introscope customers are provided with an insight into the time, transactions spend to check resources, identify users, and authenticate users to access protected resources.

According to Mike Malloy, vice president and chief marketing officer for CA’s Wily Technology Division, “Wily Manager for SiteMinder provides support teams with an early warning system, enabling them to quickly detect, triage, and diagnose issues affecting SiteMinder operation before end users are impacted.

According to Jasmine Noel, Principal Analyst at Ptak, Noel and Associates, “The extension of Introscope to monitor transactions throughout the login and authentication process is another positive step forward for CA Wily as it continues to build bridges of integration to other CA products. This will benefit CA customers that own both products by correlating SiteMinder performance metrics to the view of end-to-end application performance that Introscope already provides.”

Wily Manager for SiteMinder is the only performance solution that monitors SiteMinder day and night, to proactively detect problems and enable quick analysis when performance issues may arise.

Wily Manager for SiteMinder allows IT teams to monitor real-time performance metrics from SiteMiner by aggregating data from all SiteMinder policy servers and agents. The performance metrics could include average response time for login, successes, failures, and errors per management period.

Wily Manager for SiteMinder automatically identifies problematic transactions and displays those transactions with correlated metrics from the SiteMinder environment to hasten the time required for solving an issue.

Besides, Wily Manager for SiteMinder also monitors SiteMinder Policy Server metrics such as version, port, cache availability and cache size for the Policy Server as well as for individual SiteMinder agents. This allows individual SiteMinder transaction times to be recorded, relayed and incorporated into overall enterprise performance metrics displayed by CA Wily Introscope.