IBM delivers Free Version of DB2 Database Software

Moving along the lines of competitors Oracle and Microsoft fending off the adoption of open source offerings MySQL and PostgreSQL; IBM is ready to deliver a free version of its enterprise DB2 database software, from Monday onwards.

IBM DB2 Express-C only limits the hardware that the database can run on, but is in every other respect identical to the full-fledged DB2 release. The software can be installed on machines with up to two AMD or Intel processors, and utilizes up to 4GB of RAM. There is no limit as to the size a database.

On the other hand, Oracle’s free XE edition, is limited to systems with a single processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of database storage space. According to the company its main targets are students, small organisations and software developers looking to incorporate a database into their applications.

Microsoft introduced SQL Server 2005 Express with the product’s launch in November, which is available as a free download and is developed specifically for testing with Visual Studio.

The release is a response to free, open source offerings like MySQL and PostgreSQL that have become highly popular among smaller companies and individuals with smaller amounts to throw. MySQL is used by a number of major Web companies including Yahoo and Google.