BEA Systems announces AquaLogic Data Services Platform 2.1 (ALDSP)

BEA Systems logo BEA Systems, a company that specialises in application infrastructure software, has launched AquaLogic Data Services Platform 2.1 (ALDSP). ALDSP 2.1 is created to help application developers and service-oriented architecture (SOA) engineers automate the process of service-enabling their data to develop combined applications such as Web applications and portals.

ALDSP 2.1 features support for Microsoft ADO.NET, providing tooling and runtime support designed for transparent interoperability with .NET applications. This new feature gives users, the facility to access (read) and update data through the ADO.NET standard to multiple back-end data sources.

With .NET support now incorporated into ALDSP, BEA can help boost an enterprise’s ability to allow data access across its varied IT infrastructure. The ability to access data from a central service layer has become an important driver in the adoption of SOA.

Sanjeev Kumar, unit executive, BEA’s AquaLogic Data Business Unit said, “Our customers have told us that they recognize the need for robust tools for accessing and managing disparate data residing in different sources across the enterprise. This functionality represents a key step in allowing data to flow freely throughout the enterprise and it’s an important cornerstone of an SOA implementation.” He added, “In addition, ALDSP 2.1 can make it easier to choose an IT infrastructure that includes .NET and Java applications.”

In addition, ALDSP 2.1 also features Audit Framework, which is created to support flexible auditing of events across all heterogeneous sources for greater conformity and control for user-access. Also, the product’s new operational monitoring support can capture metrics associated with execution of data services and can allow them to be used for computing and tracking service level agreements (SLA).

“Our clients need solutions that can deliver a single view of their enterprise and enhanced situational awareness. ALDSP 2.1 can help us meet our customers’ expectations, as it’s designed to provide enhanced data services capabilities, best-of-breed performance and the agility to integrate seamlessly with Java, .NET, or both,” said Alan McCutchen, vice president of engineering for Modus Operandi, a systems integrator that works with BEA. “ALDSP is key to our data services infrastructure and can help enable us to deliver world class solutions to our customers.”

ALDSP, a leading platform to service-enable enterprise data, is designed to automate the process of creating and maintaining services, integrating better performance, uniform management and control across all heterogeneous data sources. In addition to helping increase an enterprise’s ability to enable data access across its IT infrastructure, ALDSP is also designed to offer greater business alertness, while helping to cut total cost of ownership and to allow faster time to market as it provides a common data layer across all corporate systems.

BEA Systems is a provider of enterprise infrastructure software, and the two main products they are best known for in the computing industry are WebLogic Server , WebLogic Platform and Tuxedo.