Apple Could be After Mac OS X Hacker

Hackers site shut down Apple Computer Inc. has been having trouble from hackers that are keen on cracking its technology to enable the Mac OS X for Intel to run on computers other than Apple’s.

On Tuesday, the site of Maxxuss a well known Mac OS hacker was offline, it appeared the host had disabled his web hosting account. Apple Computer has not responded to questions asking if it had anything to do with Maxxuss site being shut down.

Maxxuss had developed patches for running Mac OS X, version 10.4.4, on a generic computer running an Intel Corp. x86 processor.

OSx86 Project, a MacTel fan site mentioned on its site, “It appears that Apple may have gotten to Maxxuss, the hacker made famous for his flagrant cracks and patches of Mac OS X for Intel. A visit to his Website reveals that his site has been shutdown by his host, the cause of which we do not know at this time.”

Last week OSx86 Project was served with a copyright violation notice from Apple after links containing illegal patches of Mac OS were posted on the site’s forum.

OSx86 Project said, “Since the beginning, we have made it known that we would be very willing to work with Apple regarding any concerns they had with their intellectual property and this site.” “After speaking with the lawyer representing Apple, we’ve removed the handful of links to Maxxuss’ Website from the Forum.”

Apple Computer has embedded anti-piracy technology to prevent hackers from cracking the OS and moving it to other hardware. Apple even has a hidden warning to hackers in the form of a poem embedded in OS X. The poem ends with “Please don’t steal Mac OS! Really, that’s way un-cool.”

The company has said the poem was a reminder to potential thieves.