Microsoft Releases First Beta Version of Commerce Server 2006

Microsoft logo Microsoft Corp has announced the launch of the first beta version of Commerce Server 2006, a solution for developing e-commerce websites. Commerce Server 2006 is slated to be released in July 2006.

Commerce Server 2006 incorporates into Biz Talk 2006 for linking up with SAP and Oracle products. Director of Microsoft’s Connected Systems Division, Steven Martin said, “By providing tighter integration with BizTalk Server 2006, SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005, Commerce Server 2006 enables customers to reduce costs and accelerate revenue growth through automated delivery of online services and products.”

Commerce Server 2006 will also jump-start e-commerce deployments via a new production-ready starter site and help customers build e-commerce solutions based on Web services and service-oriented architectures through tight integration with the latest Web development technologies such as ASP.NET 2.0.

Commerce Server 2006 includes new capabilities for all levels of e-commerce solutions:

– Connectivity through BizTalk Server. Built-in BizTalk Server adapters ease incorporation with existing line-of-business applications and trading partners.

– Out-of-the-box starter site. The new starter site capabilities in Commerce Server 2006 offer customers with a blueprint for building core e-commerce solutions. Capabilities include catalog browsing, searching, shopping cart, checking out, profile management and personalization.

– Globalisation support. The starter site also includes multilingual and multicurrency support to enable customers to create a global presence.

– Business user tools. New tools such as Customer and Order Manager, Catalog Manager, Marketing Manager, and Reports and Analytics help business users directly interact with their e-commerce sites. Using the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Windows, these new task-based interfaces and wizards help customers lower maintenance costs, accelerate site updates and capture increased revenue.

– Business analytics. Customers can customise and develop reports with full life-cycle management using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and can view business data with deep insight using Commerce Server 2006’s business intelligence functions.

– Performance and availability. Performance and scalability enhancements such as native 32- and 64-bit support, integrated staging functionality and support for server clustering allow customers to build robust, enterprise-level solutions.

Microsoft Commerce Server 2006 Beta is available on Microsoft Connect. Sign-up instructions are available online at