McAfee ties-up with SmartTrust to offer Integrated Mobile Virus Protection to users

McAfee logo Antivirus and computer security company McAfee Inc. has entered into a deal with SmartTrust, a mobile device management company, to create a solution that will enable mobile operators to give built-in mobile virus protection to users.

On the lines of McAfee’s VirusScan Mobile package and the SmartTrust SmartManage platform, the combined solution will allow virus protection to be delivered to subscribers remotely and lets new malware updates to be delivered over-the-air round the clock.

SmartTrust logo In order to attain immediate security, SmartManage enables operators to automatically find out flawed handsets on the network and, where required, a virus protection is delivered over-the-air.

To guarantee incessant defense, the SmartTrust platform also uses a sophisticated and chic business rules engine to allow subscribers’ existing anti-virus subscriptions to be automatically transferred to their new handsets as they upgrade equipment.

Paul Cuss, CEO of SmartTrust said, “Mobile threats are even more dangerous because virus writers have learned from their experience in the PC environment. This means that the most dangerous outbreaks will occur with little fanfare but maximum damage, further validating the need for a carrier based always-on, proactive mobile virus solution. Ignoring the threat of mobile viruses will almost certainly bring financial loss and significant damage to established and trusted brands.”

“Combining detailed repositories of handset data, a sophisticated business rules engine and a carrier-grade OTA platform, SmartManage helps to deliver automated protection to the subscribers that need it most,” added Cuss.

Larry McAnallen, director of worldwide mobile sales and business development at McAfee Inc. said, “With the predicted growth of mobile virus threats and the burgeoning use of cell phones for everything from downloadable music to data files, carriers are increasingly demanding proactive, integrated solutions to protect their large subscriber bases.”

“SmartManage and McAfee VirusScan Mobile together offer a simple, seamless solution for all carriers to mitigate the threat of damage due to mobile virus outbreaks,” continued McAnallen.