Microsoft Office 2007 (AKA Office ‘12’) Beta 1 ‘Revamp’ in March

Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft’s Office 2007, which was formerly referred to as Office “12”, whose Beta 2 was not expected to be seen before Q2 of 2006, is now seeing a turn of stories. Microsoft Corp is preparing to release a Technical Refresh Build of Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 1. The short-term build will be made available next month following the release of the Windows Vista February CTP.

With February already passing its mid, time is running out for Microsoft to ship the February CTP, which is planned to be the first “feature complete” build of Windows Vista. The much-awaited Windows Sidebar is expected to make its first appearance in the release. Microsoft has not yet revealed what changes the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 1 Refresh will bring, but it is expected to be required for use with the new Microsoft Windows Vista CTP.