IBM Announces Customized Search Software, IBM WebSphere Content Discovery Server

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IBM on Thursday launched a new software dedicated to customers and businesses, which will provide adequate information to them required to make online purchases and business decisions.

IBM WebSphere Content Discovery Server, infers the meaning of online inquiries and provides results based on needs and preferences. The software combines technology from IBM and its software attainment, iPhrase.

The software features search, content assimilation, and contextual information delivery capabilities to cut through information overload. It aims to help businesses increase online sales, improve customer support, and reduce call center traffic. It combines content assimilation, search, semantic analysis, and contextual information delivery to interpret jargon, perform misspelled queries, and deliver customized Web pages.

The software comes in a set of tailored configurations and prepackaged solutions for commerce, contact centers, and self-service organisations. It controls IBM middleware for native access to unstructured content. IBM WebSphere Content Discovery Server is available now through IBM and its business partners via Passport Advantage.