InterVideo Launches iVideoToGo for Video Playback on Apple’s iPod and Sony’s PSP

InterVideo iVideoToGo InterVideo has released InterVideo iVideoToGo for the purpose of copying personal videos for playback on the Apple iPod or Sony PSP game console.

The InterVideo iVideoToGo offers users with a simple, three-step solution for quickly converting DVDs and video files into PSP- and iPod-compatible files that deliver smooth, perfect playback.

iVideoToGo is equipped with an basic, friendly interface and uses a single window for all tasks. With just three steps to copy a video, there’s no need of tutorials or learning, even a beginner can have immediate success.

Steve Ro, president and CEO of InterVideo said, “With iVideoToGo, iPod and PSP users are no longer limited by the pre-formatted videos that are available.” He added, “InterVideo has solved the conversion problem so consumers can now enjoy their personal videos, music and photos wherever they go without sacrificing quality.”

Apart from supporting the PSP’s and iPod’s H.264 and MPEG-4 formats, iVideoToGo supports DVD-Videos, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, DivX, ASF, DVR-MS, 3GP and other formats.

iVideoToGo incorporates InterVideo’s H.264 codec. H.264, which is also known as the Advanced Video Codec (AVC) specification or MPEG 4-Part 10, offers two to three times the compression efficiency of current solutions such as the MPEG-2 standard, allowing users to pack even more movies on their PSPs and iPods.

InterVideo iVideoToGo is available in box and electronic versions in retail stores and at InterVideo’s website. Priced at $29.95, both the PSP and iPod versions are compatible with Windows 2000 and XP systems.