Adobe Systems Inc. launches Public Beta of Adobe XMP Toolkit Version 4.0

Adobe logo Adobe Systems Inc. introduced the public beta of Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) Toolkit Version 4.0, a pre-release of its industry-standard file labeling technology.

Based on open source technology, the new beta toolkit of Adobe XMP includes Adobe XMP libraries that offer third party software developers and industry partners with standards-based building blocks to create optimized workflow products, taking the heavy lifting out of metadata integration in a new generation of design and publishing applications and systems.

Adobe claims that by using Adobe XMP, desktop applications and back-end publishing systems gain a common method for capturing, sharing and leveraging valuable file information for more efficient job processing, workflow automation and data rights management processes.

Mark Hilton, vice president of Creative Suites at Adobe said, “The sophisticated file handler libraries in this pre-release version of the XMP Toolkit provide new elements required to power publishing automation workflows.” He continued, “Design and publishing is a collaborative process among the creatives and publishers who deliver content and companies like Adobe that create the products relied on across creative workflows. By integrating Adobe XMP, companies can deliver products and systems that reduce production costs, eliminate errors and improve production cycle times for their customers.”

The beta of the Adobe XMP Toolkit 4.0 offers the new capacity to consistently add metadata to popular image; document and video file formats in order to make assets more intelligent by carrying critical status and standards information. For instance, these smart assets can deliver information, such as price and SKU data within a product photograph file and then deliver it into an automated page-layout system based on Adobe InDesign Server CS2. Here the product metadata can float up as a caption visible beneath the product image in the final print catalog layout.

The new file handling capabilities of Adobe XMP Toolkit Version 4.0 add features that allow consistent metadata workflow across Adobe products and partner solutions. With this beta version, developers gain a central view of XMP data through Adobe Bridge, the navigational control center at the heart of key Adobe creative solutions such as Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Adobe Production Studio.

The XMP Toolkit Version 4.0 Pre-release is available for Windows (Visual Studio 2005) and Macintosh (Xcode 2.2) platforms as a free download from the Adobe Labs Web site, where regular updates to the software will be posted.