Google Talk to be available on Nokia’s Web tablet-sources

Nokia 770 with Google Talk Nokia, the world’s leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers, will introduce a new version of its internet tablet device that manages Google Talk communications software. The launch is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

The agreement between Nokia and the Mountain View, California-based Google will give users the ability to chat with other subscribers of instant messaging software via the Nokia Wi-Fi device, which depends on short-range wireless networks.

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, introduced in 2005, provides wireless access to digital music and video playing on a high-contrast color screen, as well as to check e-mail, navigate the internet and read computer documents or play video games.

At a press conference to be held in Stockholm on Tuesday, Espoo, Finland-based Nokia will launch the latest version of the Internet Tablet with upgraded software and hardware elements.

Nokia’s 770 is available worldwide via its website. The 770 is a rectangular, 5.5-inch by 3.1-inch device with a big color screen that is slightly bigger than a mobile phone. It has a retail list price of around $400 in the United States.

As against other phones, the Nokia 770 relies on unfettered local wireless connections rather than cell phone networks.

Google Talk, which enables users to chat via text or to talk with other instant message users, will be one of the featured applications on the Nokia Internet Tablet, a second source confirmed.

The deal with Nokia marks the internet giant’s latest move beyond computers and into the mobile communications market.

Earlier this year it announced a plan with Nokia’s biggest rival, Motorola Inc. to incorporate Google search software on Motorola phones.