Skype Buys VoIP firms for $27m

skype logo red Skype seems to be in a buying spree, its latest acquisition is start-up Sonorit Holding and its US subsidiary Camino Networks for $27 million in stock. Sonorit Holding specializes in speech processing, coding, and transmission over the Internet. The technology is expected to be integrated into Skype’s voice over IP calling services soon.

The deal will offer Skype specialists in online voice engineering who will work with its own techie to design and develop future Skype products and services.

Skype spokesperson Lisa Hempel said, the deal, which includes 700,000 shares of eBay stock, is part of Skype’s “ongoing efforts to create the best possible audio and video experience for users.”

In March, Yahoo announced Yahoo Messenger with Voice, including Phone In and Phone Out services allowing people to make phone calls from their computers to wired and wireless phones. Even Google entered the market by launching GoogleTalk its VoIP IM service.

VoIP usage more than tripled during 2005, according to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).