Tally India Introduces Tally Application Platform

Tally India logo Tally India Pvt. Ltd. has introduced TAP (Tally Application Platform), which is the next evolutionary step towards Tally’s foray into business applications.

“TAP will now serve as a backbone for all Tally business solutions, delivering a complete, open and flexible architecture that allows companies to release additional value from existing IT investments,” the company said in a release.

TAP offers a technology base for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to create specific solutions for customer needs. It allows institutions to rapidly customise horizontal applications as well as build industry specific ‘vertical’ solutions.

New horizontal solutions like TallyAscent (ERP) as well as the next version of Tally business accounting and inventory management software are being built on TAP. Some examples of industry specific solutions that have been built on this application platform are Retail, Chemist and Healthcare solutions.

TAP also offers extensive integration capabilities of Tally applications with third party applications. In a distributed multi-system environment, the platform gives the flexibility to install various application combinations.

Bharat Goenka, Managing Director, Tally India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Tally as a company remains committed to the Power of Simplicity and has made it the fabric on which every facet of its business rests. In its pursuit of continuously adding value to its customers, Tally has now introduced the first-ever application platform for its users and partners to easily enhance business applications as well as add vertical solutions on this underlying technology foundation.”

Goenka continued, “TAP leverages upon the full experience of India’s leading business solution provider and the collective experience that comes from helping more than 350,000 medium and large enterprises meet their business challenges. This includes experiences in areas that weigh heavily on the ease of use and cost equation. TAP is designed to deliver benefits for Tally customers in these areas.”

According to Tally businesses in the upcoming markets have diverse needs and the IT environment in the emerging markets (Indian small and medium enterprise) face different kinds of challenges such as low IT literacy and infrastructure limitations. These challenges along with the dynamic changes that businesses undergo provided a basis for the company to develop an underlying technology, Dynamic Recursive Object Oriented Technology (DROOT). DROOT, uses object oriented technology from the application layer to the storage layer, extending it with powerful recursive capabilities.

Built on DROOT, TAP promises to give businesses some key benefits like, quickness to adapt to changing business needs, integral fault tolerance, database portability, dynamic classification (unlimited) and reclassification, interoperability, multi-dimension (unlimited) reporting, robust performance and scalability, concurrent multi-lingual capability. Its architecture allows rapid user-led implementation thereby cutting cost and time.