BuddyBackup Offers Free Online Backup Service for Your Data

buddy backup logo Online backup service provider Databarracks has launched BuddyBackup, a free online backup service. The Buddy Backup software enables computer users to backup data to another computer securely across the Internet.

The free online backup service enables computer users to securely and remotely backup most of the computer data such as files, photos and music at absolutely free of cost.

BuddyBackup’s free online backup service can keep multiple copies of data remotely on any Windows XP based machine. The data is encrypted and compressed before being sent over the Internet and can be only viewed by the user whose data it is. It even keeps multiple versions of online data backup allowing users to retrieve an older version of a file.

Peter Groucutt, Databarracks Managing Director said, “We see this as a revolution in the online backup services; by using the power of grid storage or basically using the amount of free space on computer hard drives, we can offer a free online backup service.”

BuddyBackup said the software, which is available for free download, should be particularly popular with home users and students who have important data to backup online, but to whom a commercial online backup solution is unaffordable.

“We are bracing ourselves for uptake in pretty large online backup numbers; the service should be incredibly popular. We have added a forum to the BuddyBackup site so that even people who do not know anyone to whom they could backup can meet other Buddies from around the world and share space.”