Smart SMS Introduces SmartMTV JukeBox

SmartSMS logo Mobile marketing agency Smart SMS Corp., has introduced SmartMTV JukeBox that enables TV viewers to make use of their mobile phones to cast premium text-message votes selecting which music videos and other types of programming will be shown next during a live broadcast.

SmartMTV JukeBox also offers television broadcasters and cable casters with the capacity to have premium SMS text-messages from viewers appear at the bottom of the screen during broadcasts in a chat-box format. Other facilities include the ability to have viewers use their cell phones to buy program-featured songs, ringtones and wallpapers during the programs, with the popularity of item purchases tallied and shown in the corner of the screen.

Gordon Lee, CEO of Smart SMS Corp., said, “SmartMTV JukeBox heralds a new genre of interactive TV programming. The onscreen real estate can now be used in a variety of ways. SmartMTV JukeBox will change the way TV executives and their viewing audiences think about the interactive TV experience, by opening new real-time revenue streams. For example, during a fundraising telethon, a contributor can use a cell phone both to make a text-message-banking donation and post a text-message that scrolls across the bottom of the screen during the telethon.”

Gordon Lee added, “In a program of music videos consumers can use SmartMTV JukeBox technology plus their mobile phones to vote for their favorite song, and the song with the most votes can be played during the program, based on real-time vote totals of premium text-messages. Similarly, consumers watching a music video program can opt-in to join fan clubs and receive premium text-message announcements about their favorite musical performers. In addition, TV viewers can also use SmartMTV JukeBox to buy songs online using their cell phone, buy wallpapers of the artists or new CD cover, or buy the program’s logo as an image to appear as consumer’s cell phone screensaver.”

“SmartMTV JukeBox is very powerful branding tool as well as a new source of revenues to the artists and the TV programs that showcase them. SmartMTV JukeBox opens a new way to develop and deliver entertainment with instant feedback using premium text-messaging, typically at 99 cents per call. SmartMTV JukeBox’s premium text-messaging services give TV programmers new tools for generating new revenue streams, building their fan base, and delivering a truly interactive TV experience,” said Lee.

Smart SMS also announced that NBA Playoff Tickets to see the L.A. Clippers at the Staples Center are the latest prize offered in its text-messaging campaign with Samuel James Cassell-the American basketball point guard, and the Los Angeles Clippers. As the Clippers go on their winning post-season and enter the second round of playoff games, the company is now offering additional prizes including NBA Playoff Tickets to games at the Staples Center, a new special prize of lunch with Samuel James Cassell, and other popular prizes.

To join the LA Clippers SMS Club and enter the Sam Cassell Text & Win Contest:

1. On a mobile phone, type-in the letters “CLIPPERS”
2. Send to 47988
3. A return response is sent to you immediately that you have joined the LA Clippers SMS Club, and you are invited to enter the Sam Cassell Text & Win Contest.
4. Reply “WIN” to 47988 and you’ve entered the contest.

The cost to enter the contest is 99 cents per entry, which is added to your cell phone service provider’s next billing statement. The more times a club member enters the contest, the greater the chance of winning a daily prize and/or the Grand Prize.

A portion of the contest proceeds from the Sam Cassell Text & Win Contest goes to the Sam Cassell Charitable Foundation, Inc.