Dell Unveils New 4 Gb Dell/EMC CX Midrange Storage Systems

Dell logo Dell has introduced the new 4 Gb Dell/EMC CX midrange storage systems, with worldwide services and tailor-made capacities created to decrease installation time and cost.

Darren Thomas, general manager, enterprise storage and services, Dell Product Group said, “Dell is focused on speeding customer technology deployment and reducing integration complexity.” Thomas continued, “This integrated solution, featuring arrays with the new UltraScale architecture and high-performance, SAN-ready servers, is designed to support customers’ mission-critical environments and offer long-term investment protection.”

To satisfy customers’ data storage requirements, the new Dell/EMC CX UltraScale series offers an end-to-end 4-Gb architecture, delivering double the storage capacity and improved performance over the previous Dell/EMC CX series. The new UltraScale series, which includes the Dell/EMC CX3-20, CX3-40 and CX3-80, can now support up to 480 drives, equaling 239 TB and up to 256 high-availability hosts. The products will also support Fiber Channel and iSCSI (Internet small computer systems interface), protocols. For storage expansion, Dell is offering the DAE4P, a 4-Gb expansion enclosure.

Debora Jensen, Vice President, Advanced Systems Group, Dell Canada said, “Customers are grappling with the complexity associated with storage consolidation and integration. Dell is taking the lead in offering customers a complete enterprise solution featuring servers, software, global services and advanced midrange arrays.”

“By combining Dell’s factory built-to-order capabilities with server and storage testing and validation for applications such as Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL and Exchange, Dell is providing integrated solutions for customers’ mission-critical environments,” added Jensen.

Using build-to-order factory capabilities, customers can custom-order SAN-ready Dell PowerEdge Servers with a broad range of host bus adapter (HBA) cards factory installed and tested, reducing several steps in SAN installation.

Additionally, Dell is extending SAN maintenance services worldwide, offering customers global investment protection. This service, Dell/EMC Maintenance, is designed to offer customers enhanced availability and performance, while keeping their SAN up-to-date.

Dell/EMC CX key features and benefits:

– Scalability: supports up to 120, 240 or 480 hard drives, depending on configuration
– Investment protection: modular, upgradeable design and compatibility with previous generations
– Complete suite of software: EMC Navisphere Manager Suite that includes options for mirroring, snapshot and data movement technology; Power Path software, and EMC Visual SRM
– Ease of use: Replacing certain components is easy with new tools that assist the customer with the replacement process

Priced from around $27,000, the Dell/EMC CX3 series storage arrays are available later this month all over.