Microsoft purchases Application Transfer Firm Apptimum

Microsoft Software giant Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it had acquired Apptimum, maker of software that helps the transferring of applications to new computers. With the help of an optional software download, the technology obtained through the deal would be integrated into Windows Vista.

Speaking on the reason behind this move, Microsoft said that its customers had been requesting simpler ways to transfer files and applications to new computers. The experience had already been upgraded in Windows Vista, and Microsoft claims that the Apptimum technology would develop that further.

Co-founder of Apptimum and CTO David Hendrickson said, “Microsoft’s acquisition of Apptimum will dramatically extend the reach of our solutions to millions of Windows customers around the world.”

While applications based on the technology would not be included in Vista by default, they would be offered as additional advantages to the new operating system. The Redmond company was not immediately giving additional details on the product or when they expected it to be available.

Hendrickson just said, “Windows customers will enjoy a significantly simplified computer setup process, and the innovative technology that Apptimum has built will contribute to a better overall experience.”

Terms of the acquisition were not revealed.