BitTorrent to take Legal Actions for Trademarks

Tables turn this time as BitTorrent who is usually at the accused end, receiving letters from lawyers’- this time is going to start taking legal action rather than just being its focus.

BitTorrent logo BitTorrent will issue notices on those who use the BitTorrent name, and trademark, if they are using it to distribute spyware or adware. BitTorrent users are more used to legal attacks from the likes of the Movie Picture Association of America.

On Monday, company president Ashwin Navin told ZDNet, “We’re sensitive to people calling their software BitTorrent to achieve a certain level of popularity in order to distribute spyware and adware.”

Anyone wanting to use the name must display that their software is reasonably safe and also pay a small licensing fee. The intention behind this is not to raise revenue but to keep the software secure. Bit Torrent software will continue to be released under an open source license.

Browser company Opera is the first to take advantage of the new licenses. A BitTorrent search window will appear in the latest version of its browser Opera 9.

BitTorrent is more than another flaming P2P network – it divides large files into sections so they can be downloaded from different computers before being reassembled. Once you have received a section it can also be uploaded by other users so very large files can be distributed much faster than from one dedicated server.