AMB Dataminers Announces Predictive Data Management

AMB Predictive Data Management

AMB Dataminers Inc., a provider of data quality solutions and architect of eCartography, has introduced Predictive Data Management, a software solution that offers data profiling, refinement and data migration components within a Self Healing Application Architecture, which automates data processing based on user-defined business rules.

This data profiling and data quality solution is written in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 C# and fully incorporates into Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services 2005 (SSIS), all within the .Net 2.0 Framework.

AMB Dataminers has done a great job of empowering SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with eCartography’s data quality features. The ability to apply detailed profiling and self-healing quality processes within a high-performance integration pipeline will be of great benefit to users. The partnership with AMB really proves the worth of the extensible architecture of SSIS and customers will be excited by this combination of power and value,” said Donald Farmer, Microsoft SQL Server Program Manager.

Steve Meister, AMB Dataminer’s President, said, “eCartography will provide customers, especially Microsoft’s customers a decisive advantage in terms of price and performance over existing data profiling, data quality and database vendors. From a competitive perspective, AMB will be a fraction of the cost of the competition. Our features and functions enable a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership for Data Profiling, Quality and Data Migration.”

AMB’s Predictive Data Management detects unknown potential problems before-the-fact and averts data irregularities from ever taking place. Moreover, since this up-front, self-healing data solution prevents delayed or discarded work efforts due to issues with the data they depended on, it allows end-users to stay on-time, under budget, and virtually guarantees that work-flow and customer service are incessant.

At present the company is offering Predictive Data Management for under $3,000. AMB is also offering a free 30-day trial. Early-adopter customers of the software include Ceridian Corp. of Minneapolis, MN and the Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County Courts of Illinois.

“What I am seeing here is a fulfillment of what an ISV solution integrated into Integration Services should be, taking advantage of our data visualizers and our connectivity. This is premier integration with this application; It is really very exciting to see this,” added Farmer.