Voodoo PC benchmarked the Apple PC in Windows

apple imac RAHUL Sood of Voodoo PC was successful in benchmarking a MacIntellitosh with Microsoft “Widows” on his machine which has a 2000MHz Intel dual core CPU with FSB 166 MHz, Apple Computer Mac-F42787C8 motherboard, 2048 MB DDR2-667 memory, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 (256 MB) graphic card clocked at 398 MHz, WDC WD2500JS-40NGB2 250 GB hard drive and MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-846 DVD drive.

RAHUL Sood installed “Widows” on the machine and managed to install a graphic driver. Sood thinks that Apple made the right choice choosing the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 as it performs more or less as at the same speed as the desktop part.

The machine scores 1700 in 3Dmark06, 3660 in 3Dmark05, 6452 in 3Dmark03 and a saucy 16304 with an old 3Dmark01SE.

Sood played games on his machine at 1024×768 resoultion. Counter strike scored 82 FPS. 28 FPS in Doom 3, Call of Duty scores 59 FPS at 1280×1024 while Far cry scored 59 FPS and 49 FPS with HDR.