Microsoft to release Speech Server 2007 in May

microsoft logo black In the month of May, Microsoft will release the beta version of Speech Server 2007, the third review of the software firm’s speech and telephony platform. The software is designed for call centers and businesses that want to automate their customer support infrastructure with the help of VoIP and other technologies.

“With Speech Server 2007, Microsoft will provide a flexible platform that is a cost-effective, long-term investment with the ability to integrate with current telephony infrastructures,” said Rich Bray, general manager of the Speech Server group at Microsoft.

“In addition, with the new development capabilities we’re providing, companies that previously had to choose between the best long-term platform and support for VoiceXML can now have both with Speech Server 2007.”

Microsoft Speech Server 2007 brings support for VoiceXML, which serves as a standard for linking together voice-centric applications, as well as SIP and RTP to maximise incorporation with other VoIP gateways. New monitoring and analysis tools are also included in the release. The end of 2006 will officially unveil Microsoft speech Server 2007.