Half of Corporate America’s PCs Cannot Run Windows Vista: Reveals Study

Windows Vista and a thumbs down image Microsoft may have launched the new Windows Vista thinking (or perhaps even dreaming) that it will take the world by storm, but sadly its very own U S of A is having problems with it and is shaky about embracing it.

A study conducted by Softchoice, a provider of technology products and services, suggests that Corporate America is not ready for Microsoft’s new Windows Vista.

The Windows Vista study, which will be released in the coming week, shows that most of the PCs in use at present in North American organizations are not equipped to handle Vista’s enhanced requirements.

The inventory data used in the study represents a total of 112,113 desktops from 472 North American organizations in the financial, health care, technology, education and manufacturing sectors.

The findings revealed by the study are certainly not good news for Microsoft if it is expecting early corporate uptake of Windows Vista:

  • Twelve percent of the PCs surveyed will require CPU replacements to run Vista in its minimum configuration, while 16 percent will require CPU replacements to run Vista in its premium configuration.
  • Vista’s minimum CPU requirements have increased 243 percent from those of Windows XP, which in turn had a much smaller increase of 75 percent from Windows 2000’s CPU requirements.
  • Softchoice stated, “The technology powering Microsoft’s Vista Operating System) represents a major leap forward. It also encourages businesses to take a close look at their hardware readiness and take the opportunity to get their ouse in order ahead of deployment.”

    In other words, if organizations are intending to install Windows Vista, they will also have to additionally make a substantial investment in their IT hardware infrastructure. Hardware manufacturers would be surely thrilled with this news, however on the other side it could also mean that organizations will hold off upgrading to Windows Vista until their next hard ware refresh.

    However Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who headlined the business launch of Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 at an event at the NASDAQ stock exchange late last week, is upbeat about the products and said customers will buy them, let’s hope so.

    It’s undoubtedly a matter to ponder over that if a country like America fails to adopt Vista then what would be the state of the not-so-highly advanced Asian countries. Mr.Gates your bank accounts surely may see a decline, hope things change soon. Is somebody at Linux hearing?