Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021

scoial media Social media marketing will become important in 2021. During the first wave of pandemic, everyone understood that online business is way more important and adaptable than offline. So, most of the offline business owners started looking for digital space. To promote a product or service online, then you need to know and understand the current trends of social media.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s start the conversation about SMM marketing with the top social platforms, which in 2021 will totally dominate for business in the CIS:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Today, no one has any doubts that a company’s social media profile is beneficial. Because the costs of promotion are objectively low and there is an outlet to a potentially unlimited audience. The main trend here is also not nonsense – it is ad / offer personalization. In this segment, the company’s marketing strategy in 2021 should focus on the following steps:

  • Dialogue with the audience. Responding to comments, responding to any mention of the brand, motivating the audience to express an opinion and working with it, conducting interactions. You can get lots of subscribers on YouTube by simple trick – engaged with their comments.
  • User Content. An autumn report from AdWeek showed that 85% of target audiences make a purchase decision on the Internet based on UGC (User-generated content). This means that it is vitally important for a brand to motivate the audience to create such content.
  • Storytelling. It is implemented as part of the Glass Box marketing complex, when the company’s activities are transparent to the client. The idea is to show what usually remains behind the scenes.
  • Working with micro influencers. Advertising (even native) among top bloggers has not paid off for a long time. For comparison, the average engagement on a blog with 100k subscribers is 1.1%. Average engagement on a blog with 1k subscribers is 7.2%. And budgets differ dramatically, so the conclusions are obvious.

Newsletter by email

Den Kennedy 30 years ago designated email as the main marketing channel and actively coached his students to work specifically with emails. Since then, everything could not have remained as it was? Or … could it?

By now, email copywriting is long gone, because the text has become even smaller, and writing a couple of paragraphs is no longer a problem for anyone. But the channel itself is more alive than all living things and will not leave the stage in 2021. Here are best trends of email space:

  • Adaptation for mobile devices. Websites are clear, but what about emails? According to Mediascope, 80% of Internet users in the EU and USA check their email on mobile gadgets every day.
  • AMP. The acronym stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a technology for accelerated mobile pages, actively promoted by Google. The idea is that the user can perform the targeted action ( subscription, purchase ) from the letter, without going to the site.

That is, the development of an email newsletter marketing says goodbye to the text as the main player on the field, making a choice in favor of visibility and simplification of interaction. Now it is not the content that motivates, but the form.