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What social media means for mobile marketing campaigns


Our mobile phones are an important part of our existence on social media. About 1.7 billion people across the globe have active mobile social accounts. Look out on a bus or train or on a lunch break and you’ll see someone retweeting, checking Facebook, uploading pictures to Instagram, accepting connections to LinkedIn, checking pictures on Snapchat or updating one of the many weird and wonderful other social platforms that cater for our love of all things social media.

Social media commands an awful lot of attention and in particular a lot of the attention we pay to our mobile phones – with 88% of Twitter users on mobile, for example. That means it should also command the attention of people looking to run successful mobile marketing campaigns.

Here’s what the rise and power of social media means for mobile marketing:


All decent marketers should embrace the opportunity to work creatively and social media presents such an opportunity. Coming up with new ways to boost follower numbers, increase shares and likes and to increase engagement with an audience requires creativity. The bigger the audience you have, the more people you can promote products and services to, so building numbers by becoming a good brand to follow is vital.

Different platforms for different use

Anyone who thinks of ‘social media’ as one defined thing in its own right is tackling this wrongly. Different platforms have their own strengths. Brands should embrace the ones their audience can be found on and work out a way to tap into the specific strengths of each. What works on Twitter doesn’t work on Facebook or Snapchat. Embracing social media is just the start; mobile marketing campaigns need to use the right type of social media in the right way to succeed.

Show your human side

How do you truly connect with your customer? Most businesses would welcome the chance to forge a closer bond with the people who consume their products and services. Social media can break down those barriers, allowing you to conduct a direct conversation with the people you want to speak to most. That’s great for delivering better customer service and a richer understanding of what the customer wants. When played out on mobile this makes the conversation immediate, meaning you can see the fruits of your labour in real time.

Don’t ignore the rest of the phone

It’s easy to sucked in by the shiny new features of social media platforms but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the only game in town. While it’s great to build and improve your relationship with your customers, SMS marketing is a more targeted and tangible way of trying to earn money. People like to read and respond to text messages, giving SMS good open and click through rates and a solid ROI. No-one should allow social media to turn their heads to the extent that they ignore other facets, particularly those that deliver good returns. In many ways social media expands the traditional horizons of marketing and mobile marketing – but SMS still does the important legwork to bring in the money.

Social media is a vital part of many people’s lives in the digital age and, as a result, it has to play a part in a mobile marketing campaign. It encourages brands to be creative, develop a close relationship with customers and have a broad presence across different channels. It isn’t, however, the only way to tap into the power of mobile phones and needs to be used in conjunction with a wider marketing strategy to deliver tangible returns.