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5 Must-Have Social Media Manager Skills To Master In 2021

social-media According to CNN’s list of top-100 jobs in America, the position of Social Media Manager falls within the top 50. With the popularization of social media, the career opportunities surrounding the platforms are also emerging. Social media managers help their companies capitalize on this surging popularity. Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating and overseeing engagement;
  • Finding branding and marketing opportunities;
  • Analyzing the results of their efforts.

In 2021, social media management is no longer just another novel field. It is already well-established, and hiring managers seek experts who can deliver. If you are looking to land a job in this field, check the list below. The most important skills for social media manager are presented there.


mobile marketing Marketing a brand to the audience is also one of the responsibilities of the manager. As such, you will need a solid grasp of the basic marketing principles.

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According to career advice experts from, marketing skills are highly sought after among potential employees. Even if you do not have a marketing degree, foundational knowledge of the different concepts will allow you to perform on the role better. Moreover, it will be easier to draw the recruiter’s attention.

What and Where to Learn?

  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course on Udemy. This program will properly educate you on digital marketing. From basic SEO, social media marketing, and analytics, you will learn how to grow a business from scratch.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing on Google Digital Garage. This free course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the different facets of digital marketing. It provides a future employee with basic knowledge and practical examples. The applicant also gets a certificate at the end if they pass the test.

Content Writing

content writing ideas Although social media is primarily focused on visuals, content writing also plays a significant role. The content varies from descriptions for posts and crafting Tweets to creating engaging Facebook posts. And your writing skills might be the key to the engagement. This can further drive more traffic to your platform.

If you think you need to hone your writing skills, you may try getting an online job in this area. Yet, the best course of action would be to take a professional course first.

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What and Where to Learn?

  • The Strategy of Content Marketing by UCDavis on Coursera. It guides the learners on developing content and implementing a strategy to get it across to your audience. The program will prepare you for writing compelling content. More so, you will be able to build your brand voice and establish authority through content marketing.
  • Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales on SkillShare. It is offered by entrepreneur Jack Zerb. The course will help you work using proven writing formulas, creating eye-catchy headlines and engaging copies.

Creative Designing

creative design ideas Social media posts with images and videos receive significantly more engagement. It is not only about photos but about infographics, tutorials, animations, and more.

In some organizations, you might have an entire team to handle these tasks. However, in other places, you can rank higher than other applicants if your social media manager resume skills include creative designing.

What and Where to Learn?

  • Social Media Graphic Design for Beginners on Udemy. This one is for those with no background in design. The course can introduce you to the basics of design. When you finish it, you will be able to develop eye-catching designs in different formats, using popular tools such as Canva.
  • Using Video in Social Media Posts with Canva on Coursera. If you want to focus more on videos, then this course will engage your attention. This is a hands-on project. So, by the end of it, you will create five video-based posts using Canva that can also attract recruiters later.

Community Engagement

community engagement An increasing number of customers prefer to approach a brand through social media rather than through phone calls or emails. This offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to establish stronger customer relationships and offer better experiences. As a social media manager, you are likely to be the person responsible for this correspondence.

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You should be able to ask the right questions to keep engaging the audience and answer customer’s questions effectively as well. So, include this skill in your career development plan. As a recruiter scans your CV, it will not go unnoticed.

What and Where to Learn?

  • Build an Engaged Community for your Brand from Scratch on Udemy. This course will teach you how to create an online community for your brand. It will take you through the best platforms and tools and will teach you techniques to improve your posts. You will also learn about creating graphics and scheduling content.
  • Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers on LinkedIn Learning. One of the necessary social media manager skills is to know how to handle a difficult client or even a member of your community. This course can help you reframe challenging conversations and use your words to address them positively.

Analytics and Budgeting

sales analytics Social media managers’ job is also to work with a budget. That should cover aspects such as paying for any tools, designing, advertising, working with influencers, and more. Having a financial background and budgeting knowledge can make you an attractive candidate. So, you might need to get professional help.

What and Where to Learn?

  • Social Media ROI, Goal Setting, and Budgeting Course on Udemy. Understanding ROI is crucial for any marketing plan. As a social media strategist, you need to clearly present the goals and value of your work to your clients and colleagues. This program helps one to work with analytics and boost their confidence in the field.
  • Applied Social Media Marketing: Strategies and Analytics on Udemy. In this course, you will learn to use tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to measure the performance of your marketing strategies and how you can improve them.

In addition to these skills, hiring managers will also seek qualities such as flexibility, adaptability, and, above all, business savviness in a social media manager. You should be able to understand which metrics are the most relevant to your campaigns.

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