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Snapchat does replay now, iOS and Android versions get a refresh

So you thought the entire point of Snapchat was to let users share fleeting photo quickies. Well, the app’s latest iOS and Android update has brought in a replay feature which allows you to do what taking a screenshot or clicking a picture of your phone’s display permits, in a manner of speaking.

From now on, folks can replay a Snapchat image. But users can only employ this function once every 24 hours. So be sure of what you want to replay before you do. And we have news for those who love taking selfies with their webcam – the refresh brings in front facing flash capability too. Previously, your list of Best Friends within the interface was limited to 3.

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Snapchat has tweaked this to include 7 contacts henceforth. Wondering what Best Friends has been doing within the app? Well, it shows the people with whom you have exchanged the highest number of photos. This is a dynamic list which changes every 7 days depending on how you continue to interact with your buddies.

Apart from the aforesaid changes, the developers have also added filters for overlaying images with whatever it is that ‘Snapchatters’ like pasting to their pics. Before this, the company had introduced a Stories element which lets users put together many photos to form a ‘story.’ Each snap has a life of 24 hours before it disappears.

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The new features are buried within Snapchat Settings. From there, you would have to go to Additional Services and finally, Manage in order to enable them. The application is free for Android as well as iOS.