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A perfect Snagit alternative may be difficult to pin down considering the choices you have. Now in order to make your search a little easier, we’ve already jotted down the acme lot of them so that you can try each one out and zero in on your preferred options. What’s more, many of the choices listed out here can be availed of absolutely free of cost, unlike the tool in question. Although it did indeed allow you to exploit a free trial, this complimentary ride was valid only for a period of 30 days, after which you would have to shell out a little less than $50 for the complete version. So go ahead and scan through these substitute gems.

1 – Ezvid:


Created especially for PCs packed with the Windows OS, Ezvid is an amalgamation of a screen recorder, video maker and slideshow maker. It further boasts of including other attributes such as screencasting, video editing, and screen capture. You can also expect this software to come with some advanced controls like facecam/webcam, voice creation, and simultaneous screen and voice recording.

Upload all your masterpieces on YouTube with just a simple press of a button. You’ll even be able to seamlessly create tutorials and a string of game screen captures with ease via this program. What’s more, the icing on the cake seems to be its 100% freeware tag that’s attached to it.

2 – Greenshot:


Here’s another site like Snagit that can be picked up without having to shell out those greens. This open-source program lets you snap screenshots of web pages, fullscreen, windows or just a selected region. The Greenshot tool also enables you to highlight and annotate different parts of the picture you’ve just captured through this gem.

YouTube video

You can then seamlessly export the screenshot by utilizing different methods. According to the maker, this Windows-compatible entrant will definitely come in handy for project managers, technical writers, software developers, and testers. So if you are one among this lot, do give it a go.

3 – Jing:


From the company that gave the world Snagit, comes yet another screen capture and video recorder delight. As per the Jing developer, you can easily create and add delightful visual elements to your online conversations. Through this software, you’ll even be able to explain your point of view by capturing an entire window or just part of it.

YouTube video

Your 5-minute videos can also comprise of mouse moments and fully narrated tutorials. And once you’ve created your masterpieces, you can share them with all your virtual buddies through email, IM, Screencast.com, Twitter, Flicker, and Facebook. Unlike its counterpart, this one can be availed of absolutely free of cost.

4 – Shutter:


Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program that not only allows you to take snaps of a particular area or whole window but also lets you put your own spin on things. You can apply different effects over them as well as highlight points or doodle on the shots as required. Add text bits, censor or Pixelize parts to hide private data, and crop it accordingly. Once you’re done with tweaking these pictures, you’ll be able to seamlessly upload them to a various image hosting websites. And like many of the other options fitted into our services similar to Snagit array, this one too is an open-source gem that’s up for grabs minus a price tag.

5 – Screen Grab Pro:

Screen Grab Pro

Just as the name suggests, Screen Grab Pro enables you to perform one-click grabs with utmost ease as well as take complete advantage of other attributes like timer operation and current window selection list. What’s more, the smart contender even slaps a bitmap version of the shots directly to the clipboard for using your preferred picture editor. As per the brains behind this endeavor, the tool also lends support to PDF, JPEG and ICON formats. It’s further compatible with Windows XP, 7, Vista, 2008, 2003 and 2000. And although this program is dubbed with a Protag, it still can be procured absolutely free of cost.

6 – ScreenHunter:


This particular inclusion in our sites like Snagit roundup boasts of 3 versions namely, Pro, Plus and Free. While the former 2 options are priced at just under $30 and $20, the latter one is available minus a price tag. Exploring deeper into the ScreenHunter free edition, some of its enticing features include active window, full screen, mouse pointer, delayed capture, automatic naming, flexible hot-key and translucent Zoombox.

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The paid versions offer you all these attributes as well as a whole host more, so if you’re looking out for a complete package, we suggest you invest in either the Pro or Plus edition.

7 – PicPick:


The user-friendly software provides a full-featured screen capture tool along with a slew of other interesting features. Some of these include a color picker and palette, intuitive image editor, screen magnifier and protractor, crosshair, whiteboard, and pixel ruler.

YouTube video

Christened with an apt title, PicPick can be easily employed worry-free by software developers, home users, and graphic designers. According to the company, it’s a freeware option that’s perfectly compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server.


Emerging from the house of TechSmith, Snagit indeed offers a wide variety of features that allow you to seamlessly conduct screen and video captures, among other things. And although this option may be apt for some, there are many out there who are scouting for a Snagit alternative that they can rely on. And if you’re among that lot, you’ll surely find your match right here. Don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comment box situated just below.